New Classes

Below are the new classes for Uptown! Dance for the 2016-2017 season! 



Inspired by famous leading men Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, Top Hats and Tails is an age specific 45 minute all-boys dance class containing tap, jazz and hip-hop movement.  Geared toward a young boys’ active and physical nature, the purpose of the class is to introduce young male dancers to the three styles of dance through movements like jumping, turning, and kicking.



No dance experience necessary for adults to experience the heat of dance fitness to music from multiple genres and decades…Latin/Salsa, Jitterbut/Swing, Disco, 80’s, Hip-Hop/Funk, Broadway favorites, Country and Western…and of course the most current pop music! 



Ballet inspired workouts, learn to stretch and strengthen like a ballerina in this fun, adult only class. This class will help develop lean muscle mass while improving your balance, flexibility, and range of motion. It will work your feet, butt, legs, core, and arms for a full body ballet experience. 


TAP (6+)

This program follows the Al Gilbert syllabus. This toe-tapping syllabus will teach you all the techniques you will need to make music with your feet. Plus, who doesn’t like to make a little noise?



This class is a fun combination of basic Salsa and Hip-hop steps for adults, with no experience necessary. The moves learned in this class will not only make for a good work out, an exciting spicy performance, but will really help adults to feel more comfortable and confident in social dance settings (especially with their hips and foot work)- with music mainly focused on upbeat recognizable hit pop numbers that make you want to get up and groove!


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