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I’m pretty sure I was dancing before I could walk. By the time I was two I knew I wanted to be a ballet dancer. I started taking classes at the age of five and until I hit my teens I only trained in ballet, jazz, and tap. I started to branch out more taking modern, gymnastics, and cheerleading which is how I got my first teaching job as an assistant cheerleading and gymnastics coach. I returned back to ballet a few years later and started auditioning for ballet schools as well as training in jazz, modern, contemporary, and hip-hop. In 2014 I attended summer school at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and came back to Uptown with a new outlook on dance. I started developing my own style through choreography projects in holy trinity’s dance program which is where my love for contemporary began. After graduating I moved to Vancouver where I took three ballet classes a day at Harbour Dance Centre to keep my technique up while auditioning. I got accepted into the School of Alberta Ballet’s professional post graduate program for the 2015/2016 school year where I trained in ballet and contemporary , learning from various instructors from all over the world. I’m extremely passionate about what I do and I’m very excited to pass on my knowledge of dance that I’ve accumulated over the years to new generations. 

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Oilsands Rotary Music Festival

Oilsands Rotary Music Festival


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