Jr. Jazz/Tap


Jazz dance is rooted from both African American and Caribbean traditional dance. It can be either fast paced and energetic, or smooth and graceful. Today’s jazz influences other dance techniques including contemporary, musical theatre and hip hop. Jazz dancers benefit greatly from a working knowledge of ballet technique and core strengthening.

This program follows the Al Gilbert syllabus. This toe-tapping syllabus will teach you all the techniques you will need to make music with your feet. Plus, who doesn’t like to make a little noise?

Dancers must be 5 by September 10, 2016


Hair:  Must be worn in a bun or ponytail for all classes.
Attire:  Black bodysuit and beige tights

Shoes:  Black non lace-up jazz shoes AND black tap shoes

Boys:  Tight fitting t-shirt and jazz pants.

Boy Shoes:  Black slip-on jazz shoes AND black tap shoes.

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