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Amy Bauer, originating from Fort McMurray, started dancing at the age of six and hasn’t stopped moving since! After growing roots in ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, musical theatre, and hip hop, she moved to Calgary in 2012 to attend the University of Calgary and achieved a Bachelor of Arts in Dance, specifically contemporary, in 2016. Amy also attended Decidedly Jazz Danceworks’ Pre-Professional Training program from 2015 – 2017, with a main focus in Jazz and Improvisation. She is attending an Acrobatic Arts Teacher Training program this August 2017.

During her time in Calgary, Amy was part of many productions including multiple years of Dance Montage and Mainstage through the university, performance art in the local 2014 Fluid Festival, a production of West Side Story, and much more. She has worked with many local and international contemporary and jazz choreographers in Calgary and looks forward to incorporating their knowledge into her teaching.

Since completing her training in Calgary, Amy has decided to return home and contribute to the dance scene in Fort McMurray. She looks forward to an exciting season with the Uptown dancers!

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